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5th March 2012 David Raddatz & Nick Cancian teamed up for this years Wakefield 300km Race in 'Blackie'.. 

Although they crossed the line 1st they ended up securing 3rd place overall due to a caution flag penalty which bumped them from 1st to 3rd. The guys they did a great job in finishing 3rd outright after such a long race!

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9th February 2012 Check out the below video of the Yellowspeed Racing Factory.


13th November 2011 David Raddatz & Shane Otten finished 1st Place in the 2011 Winton 300km Race. 
Jake and Steve Shelley finished closely behind in their 'Deputy' Mazda MX5. 
It was a great drive by both teams and an excellent result for the MX5 MANIA car 'Goldie'. 

Goldie runs Yellowspeed Premium Competition coilovers and 286mm Yellowspeed Big Brake Kit and the 'Deputy' car runs Yellowspeed Premium Competition coilovers.

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1st Novemeber 2011 Ajay from Mx5 Mania with Jennifer from Yellowspeed Racing at the 2011 Las Vegas SEMA Show.

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1st September 2011 Yellowspeed are in the process of producing 'Remote Adjuster Cables' for those cars which have limited access to the shock absorber for damper adjustment. 

Pricing will be available soon

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17th August 2011 Check out the following videos of both the Wakefield 300km Endurance Race in 2010 and 2011 made available by Speedweek

In 2010 David Raddatz dominated the 300km race at Wakefield Park in the Yellowspeed MX5 'Goldie' securing 1st place.
In 2011 he had some fierce competition and fought hard until the end securing 2nd place as he crossed the line just under 1 minute after the winning car.

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10th July 2011 Yellowspeed Racing Big Brake Kit's are now available!
Available Sizes 286mm, 304mm, 330mm, 356mm and 380mm!

All Brake Kits Include the following:
- 2 x Calipers (Painted or anodised in various colours)
- 2 x Disc Rotors (Slotted or Drilled/Slotted)
- 2 x Brake Lines
- 2 x Disc Rotor Hats & Caliper Adaptors

Hawk HP+ & Hawk Blue Brake Pads are also available for purchase with brake kits!

YELLOWSPEED_370mm_small.jpg (60869 bytes) yellowspeed_brakekit 004_small.jpg (73055 bytes) 304mm_BLUE_slotted_racepads_PM.jpg (57694 bytes) 286mm_GREY_slotted_roadpads_PM.jpg (54751 bytes)

28th April 2011 Introducing the new Mazda MX5 NC (05-11) Yellowspeed Dynamic Pro Sport Coilover kit. 
Available now featuring 7kg front 6kg rear spring rates!

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20th April 2011 We will soon be testing the new Yellowspeed Racing Big Brake Kit on our Mazda MX5 in the coming weeks!.
These brake kits are available for most makes and models in various size rotors from 286mm, 304mm, 330mm, 356mm and 380mm!

If you would like more info please send us an enquiry

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18th April 2011 A nice follow up photo from a happy customer after 4 months and with some easy adjustments its sitting a little bit lower.

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22nd December 2010 This is how a Honda Accord Euro should look!... Sporting a set of Yellowspeed Dynamic Pro Sport Coilovers

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8th December 2010 We are proud to announce that Mazda MX5 Coilovers for both the NA and NB model will now be supplied with an adjustable base on the rear struts as well as the front struts

yellowspeed_NB_DPS_PM.jpg (89521 bytes)

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29th November 2010

David Raddatz & Shane Otten won the Wakefield 300 at Wakefield Park Raceway on the weekend in the Mx5 Mania/Yellowspeed Racing MX5 named 'Goldie' . Rob Hay secured 2nd place with co-driver David Raddatz in the 'Colder Refrigeration' MX5. We are happy to inform you that both these cars use Yellowspeed Premium Competition coilovers.

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24th November 2010 Yellow-Speed Australia now advertises at Wakefield Park Raceway!

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30th October 2010 MX5 Mania/Yellowspeed took 1st place in the Shannon's MX5 Nationals at Wakefield Park on the weekend. The turbo Mazda MX5 uses Yellowspeed Premium Competition coilovers

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